Board of Medicine

Duty to Report

Iowa licensees have a lawful obligation to report certain occurrences to the Iowa Board of Medicine in a timely manner. Failure to make these reports can be grounds for disciplinary action against a licensee. The following is a list of occurrences that must be reported to the board.


Updating License Records

Change of Address

A licensee shall notify the board of any change in the home address or practice location within 30 days of making an address change.  The change of address must be provided by the licensee and can be done by completing the online change of address form.

Change of Name

A licensee shall notify the board of any name change within 30 days of making the name change. Licensees will need to submit a notarized or certified copy of a legal document such as a marriage license or divorce decree showing your new legal name. An unofficial copy will not be accepted.

Supervision of a Physician Assistant

Board Notification

A licensee who supervises a physician assistant shall notify the board of the supervisory relationship at the time of the physician’s license renewal. 

Mandatory Reporting

Judgments or Settlements

Each licensee, including a licensee holding an inactive license, shall report to the board every adverse judgment and every settlement of a claim against the licensee in a malpractice action to which the licensee is a party. The report, together with a copy of the judgment or settlement, must be filed with the board within 30 days from the date of said judgment or settlement.

Wrongful Acts or Omissions

A licensee shall file a report with the board when the licensee has knowledge that another licensee may have engaged in wrongful acts or omissions that are grounds for license revocation or suspension or that otherwise constitute negligence, careless acts or omissions that demonstrate a licensee’s inability to practice medicine competently, safely, or within the bounds of medical ethics. The report shall be filed with the board no later than 30 days from the date the licensee acquires knowledge of the reportable conduct.

Disciplinary Action in Another Jurisdiction

Each licensee, including a licensee holding an inactive license, shall report to the board every license revocation, suspension or other disciplinary action taken against the licensee by a professional licensing authority of another state, an agency of the United States government, or any country, territory or other jurisdiction. The report must be filed with the board within 30 days from the date of the action against the physician’s license.

Child Abuse and Dependent Adult Abuse

Each licensee shall report child abuse and dependent adult abuse as required by state and federal law.  Call Iowa's Child and Dependent Adult Abuse Hotline 1-800-362-2178 or local county DHS office.

Hospital disciplinary action (physicians who serve as chief of medical staff)

A full and confidential report concerning any final hospital disciplinary action approved by a hospital board of trustees that results in a limitation, suspension, or revocation of a physician's privilege to practice for reasons relating to the physician's professional competence or concerning any voluntary surrender or limitation of privileges for reasons relating to professional competence shall be made to the board by the hospital administrator or chief of medical staff within ten days of such action.



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