Board of Medicine

Board Meetings, Agendas, Minutes and Executive Director Reports

Every six to eight weeks, the board meets for two days at its office located at 400 SW Eighth Street, Suite C, Des Moines, Iowa  50309.  The focus of the meetings is rulemaking and making decisions about licensure and discipline cases.  Teleconferences are held between regularly scheduled board meetings to discuss timely matters and issues.

Board meetings are open to the public; however, portions of the meetings may be closed pursuant to applicable Iowa law.

Meeting agendas are posted on the board’s website and at the board’s office about one week before each regularly scheduled meeting and 24 hours prior to a teleconference call. Click here if you would like to be notified of meeting agendas.

Minutes of the public sessions of the board’s meetings and teleconferences are posted on this website. To view them., click here

Press releases about the board’s administrative and regulatory work are routinely posted on this website.  If you would like to be notified by e-mail when new press releases are posted, click here

Meetings are held at the board’s office in the RiverPoint Office Park just south of the downtown business district in Des Moines. Directions.

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Meeting Schedule & Agendas for 2015

Executive Director Reports 2015

These reports are presented at board meetings.

Teleconference Schedule for 2015



Meeting Schedule & Agendas for 2014

Executive Director Reports 2014

These reports are presented at board meetings.

Teleconference Schedule for 2014



Meeting Schedule & Agendas for 2013

Executive Director Reports 2013

Teleconference Schedule for 2013



Meeting Schedule & Agendas for 2012

Executive Director Reports 2012

Teleconference Schedule for 2012



Meeting Schedule & Agendas for 2010 -2011

Executive Director Reports 2009-2011

Teleconference Schedule for 2010-2011



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